Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

NE Wisconsin Chapter Helps a Cancer Patient Find Joy
by Michael Marta, NE Wisconsin Chapter


In July 2008 we found out a friend of ours was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Having known him for many years I knew he had been an avid hunter and had not been fortunate enough to ever bag a big buck. My boys and I decided we would try to find someone who had a preserve that would help Vern out.


In the meantime I asked our local SCI chapter if they could offer a hunt donation for something like this. I then wrote a letter to each of the deer preserves in Wisconsin asking if they would be willing to help Vern with his hunt of a lifetime. I also personally phones as many as I could reach.


Then at our local chapter game feast we were talking with another friend, Bob Singler of Wolf River Preserve in Shiocton. He told us to bring Vern out to get him a good one. Bob has a very nice place with huge bucks. It is even very suitable for a handicapped hunt if needed. I knew it would be perfect, so my sons Tim and Steve did the guiding and got a 176-inch buck for him.


Of course Vern made a good shot and was very happy to harvest his buck of a lifetime. Walt Janke of Walt's taxidermy in Hortonville mounted the buck for Vern. It was an awesome mount. Vern had it hanging by his hospital bed in his living room.


Over the last month or so he showed his hunting video taken by Tim Marta to many people. If someone was talking he would say, " comes the best part," as he watched the excellent shot he made over and over. This way he was able to relive it, and it was a great source of pleasure for him.


Overall it gave me a lot of personal satisfaction to be able to help. On a very sad note I was notified that Vern Baehman passed away on January 13, 2009 at 2:00 a.m. As I saw him yesterday, he had his buck next to him with two blue Christmas balls hanging from the antlers.


I want to thank each person who made this possible and the SCI for promoting hunting which is so important to each of us.


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